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Connor Bedard Already Endearing Himself to Blackhawks Fans



Whether it was the humility or the chirps on the TNT panel, Connor Bedard endeared himself even more to Chicago Blackhawks fans with just a few questions he answered.

Whether roasting panelist and former NHL player Paul Bissonnette, or gushing about the opportunity to play in Chicago, it’s simple to surmise that Blackhawks fans–whether diehard or brand new–are going to love the 17-year-old phenom.

When asked about the time he’s spending in Vegas right now, Bedard couldn’t resist.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Bedard told the panel. “I’m super grateful for the NHL doing this. It’s incredible for me and the other three prospects to come. I noticed a couple good players on this panel–and Biz is here.”

Blackhawks Will Be Getting Personality, Humility with Connor Bedard

The buzz on social media was about how great personable he was, answering the questions and seemingly enjoying it as well. In the buttoned up world of professional sports, it’s a careful tightrope walk of what to say or not to say. Bedard showed enthusiasm but beyond the TNT interview, his humility and personality both revealed a player happy to be in the moment.

No big deal for the generational talent who lit up the WHL like a Christmas tree. When asked at a press conference earlier today about how he deals with all the attention that has followed him around for years, he all but deflected it.

“It’s definitely something you’ve gotta get used to,” Bedard said to the assembled media. “There’s a lot of outside noise kinda surrounding myself. I try to look at it is a positive and I’ve been very fortunate to get to have this kind of experience with two world juniors. Being here today is not something everyone gets to do so I’m really grateful for that.”

As for Chicago drafting him first overall? After saying he watched their glory years as a kid with his family, Bedard put to rest any fans hoping he wouldn’t want to play for the Blackhawks.

“If they decide to take me, that would be unbelievable.”

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