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Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks Adding Veteran Darren Pang to TV Broadcast Crew



Per several reports,  veteran broadcaster and former Chicago Blackhawks goalie Darren Pang will be brought into the fold. Pang has worked nationally for ESPN in its first run with hockey back in the 90’s and early 2000’s and currently works nationally with TNT.

Beyond that, Pang has worked for Bally Sports Midwest as an analyst for the St. Louis Blues. The Blackhawks apparently won’t be wasting time on it and are in the final stages of bringing Pang home to where his NHL career started.

Pang Adds Excellent Analysis and Some Nostalgia for Long Time Fans

Pang patrolled the net for the Blackhawks during the 1987-88 and 1988-89 seasons before his career was up and he went into the broadcast booth. He has long been known as a respected and extremely knowledgable analyst during broadcasts.

He’s also known for his “holy jumpin!” exclamations on a big play, fight, or something unexpected on the ice. Simply put, Blackhawks fans will love the enthusiasm Pang brings to the broadcast. It also helps that he once played for Chicago, something that adds a bit of nostalgia along with some home cooking.

In related news, Colby Cohen announced that he would not be back with the Blackhawks next season.

Pang coming back should harken back to when Eddie Olczyk was in the booth, injecting some passion and knowledge for the game that will pace well with what is on the ice. With the Blackhawks likely seeing higher numbers in terms of viewership with Connor Bedard in the fold, expect a “Holy Jumpin” or two when Bedard likely pulls off an eye-popping play next fall.