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Blackhawks Puckdoku Profiles: A Decades Dance



For today’s Puckdoku profiles, we’re going to go way back into the 1930’s and 1940’s to snag three of the profiles we’re looking for. Then, it’ll be a well traveled player who had at least six teams to help with the nine guesses that go quick.

Here are today’s puckdoku profiles that involve the Blackhawks both in the earliest Cup winning years of its existence to a well known one who won three in six years during the last decade.

1930’s –  Paul Thompson

Before he coached the team in the 40’s he was winning Stanley Cups in the 30’s. Thompson was tied in points that season and was actually one point less than the Hart Memorial Trophy winner Aurele Joliat. In ’38, he’d have 44 points (22-22) in 48 games and he still didn’t win the Hart (it went to Eddie Shore, who had 17 points (3-14).

Thompson’s brother was hall of famer Tiny Thompson, the Bruins netminder. He’d win two Cups with the Hawks–one in 1934 and another in 1938.

Played for: Blackhawks, New York Rangers

1940’s – Bill Gadsby

Gadsby logged more than 1000 games and is in the Hall of Fame. When he retired, he was the all-time leading defenseman in terms of points. He never won a Stanley Cup but was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame. His life was chronicled by Detroit Hockey Now writer Kevin Allen in the book The Great Gadsby,  which included a ship he was sailing on as a child being torpedoed by a German U-boat.

Played for: Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers

1970’s – Ivan Boldirev

Boldirev just missed the teams that made the Stanley Cup Final in the 70’s but was memorable for his goal scoring prowess. He’d bury 35 for Chicago in 1977-78 and 1978-79. He’d get 33 three seasons later with Vancouver and then 35 again with Detroit in 1983-84. He tallied 140 goals in his Blackhawks career, good enough for 31st on the all-time list.

Played for: Blackhawks, Boston Bruins, California Golden Seals, Atlanta Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Red Wings

2010’s – Marian Hossa

The Blackhawks legend who was the final piece of the puzzle, getting Chicago three Cups in six years. Prior to Chicago, he had stops in Pittsburgh and Detroit, placing second in the Stanley Cup Final both times. Considered one of the best two-way forwards in the game, Hossa was also a clutch scorer.

Played for: Ottawa Senators, Atlanta Thrashers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings, Blackhawks

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