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Editor’s Choice: Reichel On a Line With Bedard Worth A Look



It was the no look pass at center ice that made it intriguing. Earlier in the offseason, before the Chicago Blackhawks brass made it known that Lukas Reichel would be centering a line, an ongoing question was whether Reichel and Bedard would be on a line together.

Would it work? Does it make sense? After the injury to Taylor Hall, and just a small sample size, it sure seems like something that could work–and work well–in Chicago.

Benefits for the Blackhawks, Bedard, and Reichel

Bedard spoke of what Reichel brings postgame.

“[He’s] a special player,” Bedard said. “I love even watching him–he’s going to be so good. He’s gotten so many chances here, and they’re going to start going in. He’s going to light it up.”

Would moving him up a line do so? Postgame, head coach Luke Richardson admitted that there would be consideration across the board. But it’s that play at center ice that really sticks out as the main reason for Reichel and Bedard to put that speed and skill to good use.

One favorable option for Chicago? Versatility down the middle. The Blackhawks have a number of players who can slot over into the center spot to free up a chance for tinkering with the lines.

On the one hand, it would concentrate a lot of the aforementioned speed and skill on a single line. On the other, it could be a major boon for a team that is looking for its young players to lead the way not just now–but down the road.

There’s certainly time to let things be as they may. But there’s certainly something to be said that a line with Reichel and Bedard would be a fun little experiment in the early stages of the season.

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