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Blackhawks Wrap: Welcome to the Next Level



While Edmonton burns due to the Oilers 3-9-1 start along with bizarre comments from management, it’s been every nightmare scenario a team’s fanbase could go through. A Stanley Cup contender who isn’t even close. Anything less than a parade is a failure. It’s the antithesis of the Chicago Blackhawks lot in hockey life.

See, anything better than a last place finish is improvement. A rise from last year’s win total is momentum. Anything that shows hope in the rebuild is as close to a parade as you get when losing is expected at high clips over winning.

The loss to the Florida Panthers stings less because of how Connor Bedard played. The win over Tampa Bay sparks that hope because of how the future of the franchise played.

There’s also clues that management knows what it’s doing even as they try to ensure one more crack at lottery luck.  Nick Foligno netting three points in one game while tearing the head off of a player running his teammate in another?

Corey Perry being second in team points–when so many wrote him off. Kevin Korchinski looking like he not only belongs, but that he might be exactly the building block Kyle Davidson thought he would when he drafted him.

As storm clouds gather in Edmonton, the fog of a rebuild seems to be lifting in Chicago. Oh, there’s still some ways to go. But it’s no longer cloaked in a blanket of uncertainty. No, things are definitely trending in the right direction.

Welcome to the next level.

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