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Connor Bedard On The World Stage Reminds What’s Coming As The Roster Improves



An 82-game season that featured 53 losses and a string of multi-loss skids dampened the excitement that Connor Bedard brought to the Chicago Blackhawks. It wasn’t his doing, but more the result of losing wearing on the psyche.

The World Championships are waking everyone back up to the reality of what Bedard is as a player.

The 18-year-old center has four goals in a pair of games, none prettier than the first one buried against Denmark in Canada’s 5-1 win. Against Great Britain, Bedard nabbed player of the game honors.

Surprising? Hardly. If anything, it’s reminded Blackhawks and hockey fans just how good he’ll be when help arrives in Chicago.

Season A Mirage of What Connor Bedard Can Do

Bedard didn’t sugar coat his season and actually believes “there’s a lot” to improve upon.

“I think there’s positive and negatives, kind of like anything,” Bedard said.  “It’s no secret that we had a frustrating year.  Personally, there’s definitely pros and cons. I thought I learned a lot. I think coming into next year that’s going to be a big help for me.”

And for the Blackhawks, too. For a kid who led all rookie scorers with 61 points (22-39) and is likely the Calder Trophy winner as well, saying that he can be better is an awfully frightening thought for opponents.

Especially when general manager Kyle Davidson has made it known he’s improving the roster for the 2024-25 season. So if Davidson is upgrading the roster, Bedard will be improving himself.

“I think that’s what we have an opportunity this summer,” Bedard said.  “It’s a long summer–which sucks. We want to be playing more hockey, but that’s a positive you can take out of it. You have more time to improve, more time to be in the gym, more time to work on the things you need to work on. That’s kind of my approach towards the offseason. Like I said, it’s frustrating we’re not playing more games, but if you can look at a positive, I guess you can kind of say that.”

The positives are paying off in the World Championships, seeing Bedard bedazzle on the international stage.

Bedard, Blackhawks Benefit From Bonus Games

When Davidson does begin adding heavy improvements to the team when it comes to skill, Bedard won’t be the only one to benefit. Fans who have suffered through long losing streaks and some tough hockey to watch will finally be rewarded.

It’s wild to think that the Blackhawks have spent six of the last seven seasons watching the playoffs instead of participating in them. The springtime warmth that was blanketed in Blackhawks success is a distant memory, the longest trek being the 2015 Stanley Cup run.

That’s nearly ten years. So the success being seen in the World Championships is waking a bit from the hibernation, reminding that what Chicago has in Bedard is special. Add in a second overall pick that could factor in immediately, along with a litany of talent arriving soon and the Blackhawks might be onto something.

So enjoy Connor Bedard at the Worlds, Blackhawks fans. That show is coming to a United Center rink near you as early as next season.

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