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Latest on Lawsuit Filed By Nina Sanders Against the Blackhawks



The Blackhawks were hit Tuesday with a new lawsuit, filed by a former adviser who is suing the team over a number of alleged wrongdoings. Nina Sanders, who served as an independent contractor for the Blackhawks, filed a lawsuit Tuesday for breach of oral contract, fraud and sexual harassment.

The lawsuit has been filed against the Blackhawks and the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation.  The story was first reported by CBS Chicago which included an interview with Sanders.

The Blackhawks released a statement that denied the claims and it was included in the article from CBS Chicago.

The Blackhawks statement noted several aspects addressing the issues brought up by Sanders which addressed their relationship with the Sac and Fox Nation and the claims of harassment, along with an attempt at renewing her contract in June 2023.

Those talks dissolved, the Blackhawks were notified of and the lawsuit was filed yesterday in Cook County.

Sanders’ claims, according to the lawsuit, were brought to her Blackhawks Foundation supervisor but were ultimately ignored.  The timeline below outlines the claims made via the lawsuit as reported by CBS News Chicago.

Timeline of Important Events Involving New Lawsuit

June 2015: Sac and Fox Nation file resolution and declares its opposition to the use of native persons, names or images as mascots

2020: Nina Sanders hired by the Blackhawks

May 2021: Sanders sets up meeting with team CEO Danny Wirtz and Sac and Fox Nation.

August 2021: Sac and Fox Nation form a partnership with the Blackhawks. It includes a statement that reversed the complaint and instead, allowed for a the Sac and Fox Nation’s agreement that the use of the Blackhawks logo is supported.

September 2021: The Chicago Blackhawks Foundation issues a letter to the Sac and Fox Nation outlining a $100,000 grant the team would provide.

2022: In the lawsuit, Sanders claims she was sexually harassed by someone working with the organization on numerous occasions. The Blackhawks, in their statement, deny that the harassment claims were disclosed after her contract wasn’t renewed.

June 2023: Blackhawks and Sanders cannot agree on a new contract. Blackhawks state that terms initially agreed upon, but that Sanders “ultimately made the decision not to renew her contract.”

July 2023: Sanders’ lawyers send a letter to the Blackhawks stating intent to sue.

May 2024: Lawsuit filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County

As more information becomes available, this story will be updated.