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Another Clue As To How The Blackhawks Will Pick at Number Two?



It seems that the Philadelphia Flyers are going to be getting their guy pretty soon. Might this be yet another clue as to how the Blackhawks will choose when they’re picking second overall?

The major point of resistance for some when it comes to Ivan Demidov is whether or not he’ll jump to play for the Blackhawks when his contract is up. Right now, that seems like 2025 at the earliest since he still has one more year remaining.

But with Matvei Mitchkov purpotedly bailing on his KHL contract contract, might this be the latest indicator that the they-won’t-leave-for-the-NHL stigma with Russian players in the KHL finally resist.

It’s the latest in a series of news that likely points to Demidov as Chicago’s choice when they go second overall.

Demidov Seeming More and More Like The Blackhawks Pick

The Athletic’s Scott Powers recently spoke with a KHL scout who couldn’t compliment Demidov enough in terms of the talent he possesses. But what stands out is the scout relaying to Powers that Demidov plans on “going overseas” and not prolonging a contract in the KHL. Beyond that, the scout projected Demidov’s potential as a 5o-goal scorer, something that an offensively starved team like the Blackhawks simply can’t pass up.

So with a contract likely to be signed sooner rather than later with Chicago along with the talent and seemingly the type of personality he possesses, it seems a slam dunk for Demidov to be a member of the Blackhawks. The talent up front would feature two young exciting forwards in him and Connor Bedard, solving that big issue.

The boxes seem all but checked as more information becomes available. Now all that remains is if this indeed is a sell for the Blackhawks, could the San Jose Sharks shock and take Ivan Demidov first overall? It seems Macklin Celebrini is the presumptive top pick–but crazier things have happened. For what it’s worth, San Jose Hockey Now’s Sheng Peng seems to have penciled that top pick in already with Celebrini.

It’s another thing to watch as the 2024 NHL Draft inches closer.

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