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Brown: The Story at the Worlds Isn’t Bedard; It’s Lukas Reichel



Let’s not overreact about Connor Bedard. I mean c’mon, everyone knows he’s just fine. Instead, how about some overdue love for Lukas Reichel?

The 21-year-old German has injected some offense into his team’s attack, and don’t look now, but seven points (3-4) in five games? The Blackhawks and their fans certainly like seeing that.

After the season Reichel had in Chicago, he’s just two goals of his season total. But the momentum Reichel was riding when he returned to Rockford for the AHL playoffs has made its way onto the national stage.

Where Was This Lukas Reichel All Season Long?

The Blackhawks season featured 53 losses in regulation and a historically bad output offensively. Reichel struggled out of the gates, and took until his 14th game of the season he found the back of the net.

That third goal? Just a week before Christmas. So potting three in five games on the world stage with a bit more talent around him and quite a bit against him is certainly a sign of hope.

Look, I’m not criticizing anyone looking at Bedard’s performance and wondering about what happened. Totally fair. But for Blackhawks fans who were concerned about Reichel all season long, now you’re getting what you were looking for.

They dynamic, speedy forward with some swagger and scoring. Finally–it’s there. Now, it’s gotta transfer back to Chicago.

The toughest part of hockey–especially in rebuilds–is knowing when to push and pull with player. Push too hard–perhaps the confidence goes. Pull back too much–and potential is never met. There’s a sweet spot and it’s been a huge reason I banged the drum about the importance of this offseason. I don’t believe in timelines much like other GM’s don’t, simply because timing is subjective to every situation.

But what I do believe is that the Blackhawks have this crucial offseason ahead that will need those identity pieces helping the young players move along. That means Connor Bedard–but it especially means Lukas Reichel.

Seize on this momentum and watch him flourish in Chicago, providing yet another young building block that can help the Blackhawks bring another Stanley Cup dynasty back to the city.

That’s the story here–and the happy ending Hawks fans hope to see with Reichel scoring goals at will next season.

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