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Blackhawks Daily: Oilers Win the West; Trade Targets



The Edmonton Oilers were outshot heavily through three periods but still managed to win with a 2-0 decision over the Dallas Stars. The victory sends the Oilers to their first Stanley Cup appearance since 2006, and gives all of Canada its coveted shot at bringing Lord Stanley “home.”

I happened to be in Michigan for a surprise birthday party this weekend and was talking to one of my cousins about the playoffs. He’s not a big hockey guy–a rarity in the state, especially since my hometown there is just a drive across the Ambassador Bridge, a mere 15 minutes from my birthplace.

I told him to give it a try, especially if the Oilers indeed won. The ability to watch on CBC and see the Canadian side of things would provide a unique view from the country that birthed the sport. This isn’t to besmirch TNT, who I thought has done an excellent job reframing the sport for an American audience. But there always seems to be that extra angle the folks in Canada get on television.

Besides, Hockey Night in Canada along with being able to hear Bob Cole call games was one of the many catalysts that helped me fall in love with the sport.

Now there’s a chance for Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl to do what no one has done since Patrick Roy and the Montreal Canadiens knocked off the Los Angeles Kings in 1993–win the cup for Canada. I hope he watches–I bet it’ll make him a fan of what I believe is the greatest playoff sport to watch.

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