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Future Blackhawks Prospect? Sizing up Michael Hage



The Chicago Blackhawks struck gold when they won the Draft Lottery in 2023. That gave them the right to select Connor Bedard as the number one pick. That boosted the rebuild as they now have a true cornerstone player to build around. 

They were one of the worst teams in the NHL again in 2023-24 so they had good lottery odds for the second year in a row. This time they won the second overall pick which should give them another boost. 

They also acquired a first-round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning which landed a pick 20. A couple of weeks ago, they traded with the New York Islanders and moved from #20 to #18. 

There will be a lot of good players for them to consider once they get to that spot. One that they might like to consider is Michael Hage. 

Michael Hage At A Glance

Chicago Steel
18 years old (4/14/06)
Games: 54
Goals-Assists-Points: 33-42-75

Hage was a very productive player for the Chicago Steel. He does it all offensively too. He can score goals at a high rate while driving play to create offense for those around him. 

Michael Hage is committed to the University of Michigan. There, he is joining a quality program that will surround him with more great players. He will develop well there playing for a good team. They always have competitive teams that have a chance to win a National Championship. Whichever team drafts him will enjoy watching his progression throughout his collegiate career.

If the Hawks drafted and developed a player like this, what would be the plan for him? He could end up being a great running mate for Connor Bedard as a winger. However, it might be better to have him as the long-term number two center. 

If it became a “two-headed monster” type of deal with these two, the Blackhawks could have themselves another playoff contender quickly. 

The important thing to remember is that nothing is guaranteed in hockey. Making smart decisions is important though and it seems like drafting a player like Michael Hage is a good one. His abilities suggest he can be a productive NHL Player. 

Will Hage Be on the Blackhawks Short List?

They might consider him. The fact that he played for the Chicago Steel has nothing to do with it but it is a nice advantage to go to a place that you are familiar with.

If they take a defenseman with the second overall pick, making a selection like Michael Hage with the 18th pick would mean that they got a little bit of everything in the first round.

Kyle Davidson seems to believe in a balance of forwards and defensemen. If they were to take a forward with the second overall pick, he might stay away from a guy like Hage with this selection. He does fit the profile of a player that the Hawks could use.

Building around Connor Bedard is the key to this team becoming a Stanley Cup champion again. Other good first-round talent is needed to take a step. With the offensive ability that Hage has both in his playmaking and goal-scoring, he’d be a great fit with the Hawks in the long term.

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