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NHL Salary Cap Going Up is More Great News for the Blackhawks



An up and coming Chicago Blackhawks team that gets to pick second in the draft is definitely good news. But the NHL salary cap going up to $88M?

That’s some great news for not only the league, but the Blackhawks as well. General Manager Kyle Davidson indicated he would be working to improve the roster from what it was in 2023-24 and the latest news from commissioner Gary Bettman only gives Davidson more capital to work with.

But it’s not as if the Blackhawks don’t have a lot of cap room. Flush with space, such news affords the Blackhawks a chance to go and find a significant NHL talent who can flank Connor Bedard or even center his own line.

“I know the general managers and the teams are excited to have more flexibility,” Bettman told the media at a press conference Saturday.  “It means that the revenues are as robust as we’ve been telling you all.”

NHL Salary Cap Rising Should Encourage More Spending

Davidson isn’t about to go on a spending spree anytime soon, but going up $4.5M, which could prompt a little more cash on a contract. Say Jake Guentzel?

The argument is there for a GM who has prioritized short-term deals to maximize flexibility down the road. So for those fans skittish about a Guentzel deal because he’ll turn 30 in October, a little more room can provide Guentzel more money for a few less years should the veteran forward be looking for something longer. Alex Vlasic received six years on his extension with a reasonable price for what could be a top two defenseman down the road.

But the real win here is for the seasons down the road where the other shorter term deals expire, and Davidson can continue to add one crucial player after another to build around the young core. And if predictions hold true, the salary cap could go up another 5% next season, giving rise to another chunk of cap space for the rebuilding Hawks.

Bedard is just two years away from a new deal and other potential young stars will need new contracts, too. The salary cap rising with the Blackhawks promises to help the young core by adding more talent around it.

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