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2024 NHL Draft Prospects

Future Blackhawks Prospect? Sizing Up Sacha Boisvert



‘s The Chicago Blackhawks have two first-round picks, one at #2 and the other at #18. While it’s going to likely be the pick of either Artyom Levshunov or Ivan Demidov at number two, who could they take at that 18th spot or potentially trade up a few more spots to snag? Chicago Hockey Now’s Future Blackhawks Prospect will be featuring a handful of prospects at that spot until the 2024 NHL Draft. Today we look at Sacha Boisvert.

Sacha Boisvert At A Glance

18 years old (3/17/06)
Games: 61
Goals-Assists-Points: 36-32-68
League/Team: USHL/Muskegon Lumberjacks

The Chicago Blackhawks will likely consider drafting a forward with pick 18 if they take defenseman Artyom Levshunov with the second overall pick in the draft. Sacha Boisvert is someone to consider if he is sitting there for them.

He is listed as a center in most places but may be a guy who can translate to the wing in the NHL depending on his team’s needs. He is a gifted goal scorer thanks to his ability to shoot using a wrister, an incredible slap shot, and great hands in tight.

He’s also a guy that can make incredible passes to better his teammates which might be a reason to keep him at center. Having guys like Sacha Boisvert as potential number two centers behind Connor Bedard is always a good thing. Knowing they can line up next to Bedard is good too.

Boisvert’s skills may translate well to the NHL right away, especially on the power play. Bedard is known as a goal scorer but we saw just how well he can make plays for others in his rookie year and that won’t change. If the Hawks decided to draft a guy like Boisvert, Bedard would be excited about it.

Following his USHL career with the Muskegon Lumberjacks, Boisvert is committed to playing at the University of North Dakota. He is sure to see a ton of ice there while being surrounded by wonderful talent that has a chance to compete for a title. His D+1 season should see him light up the NCAA before he decides whether or not he’ll return for a second year.

Will Sacha Boisvert Actually Be There for the Blackhawks?

Like most of these mid first-round projections, there is always a possibility that they don’t last until the 18th overall pick. The Blackhawks would need to trade up for a few of them but there is a good chance that Sacha Boisvert is there for them.

Boisvert is one of the best centers in a first-round mostly loaded with wingers and defensemen. If multiple teams drafting 1-17 decide on centers as a tiebreaker for their evaluations, Boisvert might be gone by the time Kyle Davidson is on the podium. You can probably bank on him being gone in the 15-20 range so it is very hard to predict exactly where.

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