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2024 NHL Draft Prospects

Future Blackhawks Prospect? Sizing Up Liam Greentree



The Chicago Blackhawks have two first-round picks, one at #2 and the other at #18. While it’s going to likely be the pick of either Artyom Levshunov or Ivan Demidov at number two, who could they take at that 18th spot or potentially trade up a few more spots to snag? Chicago Hockey Now’s Future Blackhawks Prospect will be featuring a handful of prospects at that spot until the 2024 NHL Draft. Today we look at Liam Greentree.

Liam Greentree At A Glance

18 years old (1/1/06)
Games: 64
Goals-Assists-Points: 36-54-90
League/Team: OHL/Windsor Spitfires

At first glance, Liam Greentree stands out on a team that didn’t qualify for the Ontario Hockey League playoffs and sputtered to an 18-42-5 mark. But those numbers, which included 35+ goals and 90 points on a team where production fell off steadily from there are what should stand out.

Arguably one of the smartest players in the draft, Greentree has been as high as sixth best as a prospect to a floor of 25th best. So what makes him in the Blackhawks wheelhouse?

His smarts and leadership. Oh sure, the scoring and the playmaking is there, too. But the big bodied captain for the Spitfires has been and up and comer in the OHL. Why should the Draft board be any different? Though some have him as a potential lottery pick, a mid first-round pick seems likelier for a guy who may not have the skating NHL teams would like to see.

But the other intangibles definitely check the boxes.

Will Liam Greentree Be There for the Blackhawks?

The skating piece is what will scare some teams off from taking him too high, which if the Blackhawks are interested in Greentree, there’s a high likelihood he falls to them at #18.

What sets Greentree apart is just how smart he is on the ice and the offensive skill set he brings. Scoring goals will be a big part of his game, something the Blackhawks will put a premium on after sinking this past season in that category. But it’s also that in spite of those skating “woes,” Greentree can find spots on the ice to make a play or get open to make that play. Where Greentree grades out down the road is dependent upon where he is drafted and the time he’s allowed to develop.

The Blackhawks have a plethora of young forwards getting ready to take the next step, buying Greentree time if he indeed would be their choice at #18.  If held up against some other prospects like Michael Hage, or Konsta Helenius, it’s likely that Greentree comes third in that pecking order.

But there’s certainly some upside there and should other choices get snatched up with the Blackhawks on the clock, perhaps they give Liam Greentree a good hard look for what he could bring as potential top nine forward.

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