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Blackhawks Daily: Ivan Demidov Comes To America



Just when you thought the Chicago Blackhawks were likely to go one way in the draft, Ivan Demidov shows up in Florida for interested general managers to catch an up close look. From the looks of it they weren’t disappointed and likely Demidov has added a nice little debate that found its way to the Blackhawks brass. The Athletic’s Scott Powers talked to Demidov as well and it’s a great read.

But so goes the latest twist and turn of who the Blackhawks will take at #2. There’s more than enough compelling reasons to choose Artyom Levshunov at that pick. But Demidov purportedly has superstar potential, and I mean, how do you not give that serious consideration?

Meanwhile, the Edmonton Oilers keep their comeback alive with a 5-3 win in Florida and suddenly, it’s a series. Short time Blackhawks forward Corey Perry even chipped in with a goal:

One other thought about the draft and the Blackhawks offseason: if they want to see what not to do, watch the current debacle with the Cubs. It’s been a half-assed retooling of sorts where one of the richest teams in baseball refuses to spend dollars in the right spots and relies on what looks like a “hope and pray” mentality.

I had an up close look at it Monday and talk about maddening. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Especially when it comes to one of the most critical parts of a championship ballclub: the bullpen.

Though they were able to put it away yesterday, they should be a much better version of their fourth place showing. There have been some big misses when it comes to player acquisition, and if Davidson and the Hawks are in tune with what’s going on–treat this offseason and the next two with some much calculated risk to put this rebuild away once and for all.

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