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Blackhawks Daily: Stanley Cup Final Insanity; Draft Musings



The Stanley Cup Final has gone from ho-hum to can’t miss after the Edmonton Oilers dispatched the Florida Panthers 5-1 Friday night. All of a sudden, what looked like a cake walk for Florida is now quite possibly one of the biggest collapses in NHL history.

What makes the Stanley Cup Final more intriguing is that the Oilers–who looked exposed on the back end, has rallied by using firepower from the front of their lineup. This is more intriguing as the Blackhawks sit with the #2 pick and everyone has weighed in on whether it should be Ivan Demidov or Artyom Levshunov.

Everyone has their opinion on it and we’ve definitely looked at it from the perspective of the Hawks leaning towards Levshunov–as of now. The Blackhawks are loaded down the middle and at the blue line when it comes to prospects. The Athletic’s Scott Powers talked to Kyle Davidson yesterday and admitted he feels no pressure making the pick.

Why should he? More than drafting, development and roster construction ultimately have a higher impact on the fortunes of both that prospect and the organization. Sometimes there are can’t miss prospects. Others take a bit longer to find their way. The #2 pick is looking like a 1A-1B argument the Hawks continue to hash out and in that piece from Powers, Davidson admits that drafting is to make sure that particular player is there for the long run.

The case is compelling for both. Sleuthing will continue for the next week–I’ll certainly be doing my part, too.

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