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Brown: Jeremy Roenick Is Finally In the Hall of Fame, But Steve Larmer Should Be In, Too



Jeremy Roenick likely had to wait too long to be inducted into the Hall of Fame so let’s not mistake that the committee got it right with one of the Chicago Blackhawks former stars. But they missed big time on another: Steve Larmer.

We’ll get to that in a moment but in a long overdue moment, one of the most beloved and important players for the Blackhawks during the 90’s. Roenick was brash with flash and still stands as one of the greatest Hawks of that era with four consecutive 40+ goal seasons, including two 50-goal marks.

He never won the Cup, and apparently could have been on the star studded 2001-02 Detroit Red Wings team that had 12 Hall of Famers on it. But a last second offer from Philadelphia sent him there instead, and that Cup win would elude him for his career.

So while the committee got that one right, it’s a too bad they missed an opportunity to send Steve Larmer to the Hall with him.

Steve Larmer Remains Underrated, Under Appreciated

Larmer for his part was a fixture for the Blackhawks through the 80’s and 90’s, potting 40 goals five different times, and finishing his Blackhawks career with 406 goals and 923 points in 891 games. He’s fourth all time in goals, and fifth all time in points for Chicago. I’ve already made the argument his number should be retired, which is in tandem with the steady drum beat from Bleacher Nation’s Tab Bamford.

It’s also not to take away from the year’s nominees, either. But Larmer, who has been on the list for decades played in an era before the sport was far more publicized and available. Remember Hawkvision? Or how about ESPN before there was the Deuce? Hockey started receive more attention in the mid 90’s and beyond as ESPN had a bigger footprint with more games available for viewing on ESPN 2. I was hitting my teenage years when ESPN 2 entered and many late nights were spent watching games on the west coast, especially during the playoffs.

Larmer finally hoisted the Cup in 1994 with the Rangers, putting up a 16 point (9-7) performance as the Blueshirts broke their 50-year hex and he was able to do what Roenick couldn’t: win one.

While Roenick commanded the spotlight, Larmer shied from it. Say what you will, but shying away from it may cloud memories of what he once was to many of those voting.

It’s a shame, too, because aside from ironman streaks, scoring goals in buckets, and being a major catalyst for the 1992 run to the Stanley Cup Final, the due just isn’t there for Steve Larmer.

Maybe that will change. But with every passing year where his name isn’t chosen, perhaps like winning a Cup in Chicago, it just wasn’t meant to be.

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