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Blackhawks Daily: A Hat Trick of First-Round Picks for Chicago



The San Jose Sharks kicked off the 2024 NHL Draft the way everybody expected them to. They took Boston University’s Macklin Celebrini with the number one pick in the draft. After that, the Chicago Blackhawks began the intrigue as there was much more mystery that came with their selection. They ended up going with Artyom Levshunov with the second overall pick.

That would be the first of three selections that they made in the first round. Following that, they took Sacha Boisvert at 18 (given to them in the Brandon Hagel trade with the Tampa Bay Lightning) and Marek Vanecker (given to them by the Carolina Hurricanes in a mid-draft trade).

Chicago only came into the draft expecting to make two selections but they ended up making three. Kyle Davidson surely selected three players that he thinks can help the team win going forward.

Some other interesting storylines came from the draft as well. For one, the Sharks didn’t just come away with Macklin Celebrini. They also landed Sam Dickinson who was projected to go much higher than 11 where the Sharks took him using a pick from a trade.

Dickinson wasn’t the only great defense prospect to fall. The Minnesota Wild traded up when Zeev Buium fell to 12th overall. These two teams could be considered big draft winners thanks to this fortune.

The Montreal Canadiens also should be proud of their night. They ended up with Ivan Demidov and Michael Hage. Both of them were selected by Montreal much lower than they were projected to go.

Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks selected Artyom Levshunov with the second overall pick in the draft.

With pick number 18, the Chicago Blackhawks selected Sacha Boisvert.

The Chicago Blackhawks traded into the first round to make a third selection at 27 where they took Marek Vanecker.

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