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NHL To Reinstate Stan Bowman, Joel Quenneville and Al MacIsaac on July 10th



There was more Chicago Blackhawks news than free agency on Monday and it involves a part of the past which both directly and indirectly led to the Blackhawks decisions to rebuild both on and off the ice. Per a release from the NHL, former general manager Stan Bowman, assistant general manager Al MacIassac, and Joel Quenneville will all be reinstated on July 10th after being ineligible for the past two and a half years.

Their roles in the handling of the sexual abuse of Kyle Beach by former video coach Brad Aldrich eventually led to their professional demise. Bowman and MacIsaac both resigned in 2021 as a result of the Jenner and Block reports and Quenneville resigned his job as then coach of the Florida Panthers back in 2021.

Now they have an opportunity to seek employment again on July 10th.

NHL Release states ‘Significant Strides’ Made Amidst Remorse, Time Away

The NHL’s press release stated that each of the men “to engage in activities which, not only demonstrate sincere remorse for what happened, but also evidence greater awareness of the responsibilities that all NHL personnel have, particularly personnel who are in positions of leadership.”

Later in the release, it indicates that they participated in a “myriad of programs” that helped them learn from the situation and then apply those lessons in future posts of employment.

Beach was a top prospect in the organization when the staff failed to prevent the alleged sexual assault and harassment by Aldrich. Several lawsuits were filed against the Blackhawks which included Beach and another anonymous Blackhawks prospect just last year.

Because of the allegations and their inability to protect Beach, the there were disallowed from seeking employment after resigning their respective positions. Some reports already have Stan Bowman linked to the Edmonton Oilers. Joel Quenneville could very will be a target for the Columbus Blue Jackets, who have yet to hire a new head coach.


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