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It’s Been A Really Good Summer for Oliver Moore Following A Fine Freshman Season

The soon to be sophomore is enjoying his summer after a strong end to his freshman campaign



It didn’t start so well for Blackhawks prospect and Minnesota forward Oliver Moore. But it sure ended well–though Moore likely would have enjoyed his Golden Gophers to go further in the NCAA tournament.

So when his season between his college game and the World Juniors brought a range of performances, one thing is certain: his play continued to improve until his last game of the season.

“I think a lot of ups and downs,” Moore said of his season.  “Slow start for sure, not the start I wanted just offensively with the adjustments that were being made, adversity is good, learned to deal with it a lot this year and I feel like I had to gain a lot of confidence, especially after winning World Juniors, which is an unbelievable experience as well.

I feel like I’m having a really good summer right now. It’s been a little longer summer–it’s nice not to be running around as much– it was a good season.”

It is better to have a strong finish than a lousy one. He was wonderful for Minnesota down the stretch and was a part of the United States World Junior team that won Gold. His place in helping the United States to its gold medal finish certainly keeps the momentum rolling. Moore’s play immediately following the World Juniors: 21 points, including seven goals of his nine for the season coming in a two-month stretch.
Anything he did differently to get there? For Moore, it begins and ends with his speed.
“I’ve changed a lot of my off ice stuff I was doing before. Working a lot on more speed and power–physically more adjusted now and a lot more speed and power. In hockey it’s big to have as a big of a motor as possible. Working a lot on conditioning and stuff like that.”
“A lot of what I was doing before was building a base of strength, lifting a lot more weight now I’m doing more sprint stuff, plyometrics, I’m working out at the University of Minnesota–Cal Dietz is really well known for that a lot of the stuff and learn a lot from him.”

Oliver Moore Continues to Work Toward His Goal of Making the Blackhawks

Moore will now need consistent momentum throughout the year to get that entry-level deal when he concludes his sophomore season.

The competition in Chicago is real, though. Oliver Moore’s speed will be his greatest asset but seeing an uptick in numbers, especially goal scoring, is where that could separate him from the pack.  Some of those on and off-ice adjustments must continue into the season. Moore is already having a great summer. A great fall and winter could make the spring even greater–one that maybe has an entry-level deal ready at the end.

Imagine how next summer will feel.

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