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Blackhawks Daily: Davidson’s Drafting and Development; Stars Streaming



The Chicago Blackhawks have made eight first-round selections in the three drafts under General Manager Kyle Davidson. Not everyone will be a star in the NHL but the hope is that a few of them become good. 

Connor Bedard is one of those prospects that is considered an outlier. He is developing but it is different from other players. He will naturally be a superstar in short order. 

Now, the Chicago Blackhawks are entering the most important stage of their development as it will take center stage in everything they are doing. It is going to be a battle just to make this team in the fall. They signed a ton of veterans in free agency and have a few left over from years prior. The slots available for young kids are few and far between. To make it out of camp, someone needs to have a wonderful training camp and preseason.

Even then will it be hard to crack a roster spot. Decisions by Kyle Davidson are unlikely to be easy but the harder it is the better off the team will be in the future.

This is only the beginning too. After this season, there will be even more players ready to take their chance at making the Blackhawks roster. Eventually, all of this depth could lead to them rising in the standings.

Speaking of rising–could a new trend be rising in the NHL? The Dallas Stars tweeted this out today:

Across the country–and recently here in Chicago, new deals are being struck for the rights to teams–with many being run now in house by the team. The deal inked by the Stars is worth seven years and provides free streaming to all fans. It’s the exposure piece that makes sense here–as opposed to deals where it’s stand alone and costs more from whatever service is there.

Hopefully, this is a trend that takes off.

Chicago Blackhawks

Kevin Korchinski will be one of the benefactors of the roster battle royale that will be arriving this fall.

Oliver Moore is having a good summer. He is ready to force the Chicago Blackhawks to give him an ELC after a good 2024-25 with Minnesota. 

Kyle Davidson promised that he was going to improve the Chicago Blackhawks. So far, he is on that path. 

Nick Foligno did his part in recruiting Tyler Bertuzzi to play for the Chicago Blackhawks in free agency. 

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