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Blackhawks Wrap: Here We Go Again



Any good parent, teacher, coach, or even psychologist will tell you that mindset is 90% of the battle in life. Especially when things are challenging. Chicago Blackhawks fans already can see the writing on the wall. But it’s not what most would think.

I wrote yesterday that the hard part of a rebuild is the actual rebuild. Bluntly, it’s a lost season, one where everyone works super hard, but the focus is on what could be while creating habits for that future–right now. So after a 4-1 loss where the Blackhawks posted a -9 goal differential in three road games, that sinking feeling of here-we-go-again is fair to assess.

But again, it’s all how you look at it. This isn’t to be pollyanna. It’s more that in the midst of the losing streaks, or well, seasons, there has to be some kind of silver lining.

This week’s wrap leads with the stories that brought that–reminding of how the future is indeed bright and that truthfully the hardest part of it rests on Kyle Davidson’s desk: finding the players who will go with the core–and then build around that.

It won’t be easy to watch some nights. It’s going to present challenges. But it’s finding that positive that will help push through.

So maybe the phrase here we go again could mean something completely different–instead of the gloom, it’s the promise that indeed, they’re in the early stages off building another era of greatness.

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