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Alec Martinez on Joining the Blackhawks: ‘I Think We’re Going To Be Pretty Good’



It took all of two questions before Alec Martinez was asked about that goal that still sends some Blackhawks fans into the fetal position.

“Didn’t think anyone would bring this up,” he said with a laugh.  “I remember it rather vividly.”

Of course he would–it only sealed a wild Game 7 of the 2014 Western Conference Final, sending the Kings to a Stanley Cup Final, and foiling what could have been a shot at a second straight Cup for the Blackhawks.

Exactly a decade later, Martinez is now tasked with helping to bring the Blackhawks on that path back to prominence.

“Everything I heard was backed up by conversations with Kyle and a couple of guys on the team,” Martinez said.  “Definitely a situation I was intrigued by and grew into a situation I wanted to be a part of. I’m excited to be a part of it, too.”

The Blackhawks were excited enough to offer Martinez a one-year deal worth $4M but the chance to get a veteran with a winning pedigree–and a leadership mentality, was too good to pass up. Especially as they try to put the rebuild behind.

Alec Martinez, Blackhawks in a Perfect Spot Together

The 36-year-old defenseman has 15 seasons and three Stanley Cups to his name. More used to being on contending teams, Martinez now walks into a dressing room looking to take that next step with a growing core of young stars.

“I think we’re going to be pretty good, too,” Martinez said.  “I talked to Kyle about the mentorship part of things. He and I had a conversation, I’ve been fortunate in my career to learn from some special players and people and I’d be the first to tell you I don’t know everything by any means. I have some experience of playing in big-time games, at the UC, and playing in the playoffs and I’d like to think to a certain extent I know what it takes to win.”

Just looking through the seasons he’s played speaks to that. He’s played in four Stanley Cup Finals, winning three times. He buried the game winning goal in the 2014 Stanley Cup Final as well. Martinez knows a thing or two about a winning culture. He also knows the work ethic and effort it takes to get there. He logged over 19 minutes per game last season, and will likely be on the ice often for head coach Luke Richardson.

They’ll need him to mentor the young talent, too. So when it comes to that,  how will he lead?

“I’m more of a guy I would lead through example,” Martinez said.  “I’m not a huge rah-rah guy. I will speak up when I feel something is necessary. I would say I have somewhat of a longer fuse but I really like to try to pick my spots, I guess. Because sometimes if you say and do too much, then it doesn’t mean as much when you speak up. If you pick your spots, do it at the right time, you’re more often times going to get more to pay attention and listen. That’s my approach.”

Alec Martinez picked his next spot with the Blackhawks. Now the Hawks hope that winning pedigree is infused into the locker room–and onto the ice.

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