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Taylor Hall to Miss Rest of Season; What’s Next for Blackhawks?



This isn’t how they drew it up. The Chicago Blackhawks announced this morning that forward Taylor Hall will miss the remainder of the season as he’s to undergo surgery on his right knee.

For a team struggling to score goals, this doesn’t help matters. Though he was only able to play in 10 games, Hall had a pair of goals and assists and brought stability to the Blackhawks attack.

Now, his season ends after just 10 games.

Injuries Hammered Hall Early This Season

For Hall, however, it was the hit in Tampa Bay that likely expedited the end of his season where it seemed borderline miraculous that he even came back as quickly as he did:

Hall’s injury history has been documented, but it must also be pointed out that he makes it a case to play every chance he could. Despite the injuries he suffered, he was back as soon as he was medically cleared to. In this case, the knee clearly just wasn’t right and surgery–along with shutting him down–was the only reasonable option left.

Now what for the Blackhawks?

Hall’s injury leaves a big hole for the Blackhawks offensive attack which will likely result in a call up from Rockford–or potentially a trade–to add someone in who can help the Blackhawks long. Cole Guttman and Joey Anderson were both called up from Rockford per the Blackhawks while Andreas Athanasiou headed to the IR retroactive to November 9.

A moment for the trade talk–general manager Kyle Davidson has made it clear since the summer that he wanted established veterans in the locker room to help guide the team along. Losing Hall is a hit, no matter how it’s sliced. But could there be more afoot, especially with the confounding healthy scratch of Corey Perry, who was not at morning practice today?

Regardless, it’s a tough blow for the Blackhawks losing Hall after just 10 games this season. Now we’ll see what they do next to help an offense that has been struggling to score goals. But for sure, they’ll miss Taylor Hall in the lineup.

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