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The Daily: Bedard Tops McKenzie’s Rankings



The silly narratives that the Chicago Blackhawks would strongly consider a boatload of trades for the top overall pick can end. One of the most trusted names in prospect scouting, if not the most trusted name still has Connor Bedard far and away as the top choice.

Which is hardly shocking. Bedard is the most anticipated prospect since Auston Matthews, but likely, the most comparable to Connor McDavid. The rankings didn’t shift too much but there were some interesting movements.

Blackhawks Prospects from CHN All Over the Place

Beyond Bedard, many of the draft profile players were across the board but it became abundantly clear to get some of those targets, it’ll have to come in the way of a trade up.

Possible? Yes. Costly? Depends on how you define it.

Regardless, McKenzie’s numbers are in and potential targets are there–which might cost a bit more but would be worth the price if they’re in the NHL sooner rather than later.

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