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Kyle Davidson on Lottery Results: ‘Maybe People Think I’m Lying, But #2 is a Win’



Go back two years ago when the Chicago Blackhawks had no first-round picks and were staring down uncertainty as general manager Kyle Davidson took the reins. There was some direction forming, but it wasn’t until he traded fan favorite Alex DeBrincat for the seventh overall pick that that direction became much clearer.

But before all of that, had Blackhawks fans known they would get the first overall pick in 2023 and then the second overall pick in 2024, they’d take that today, tomorrow, and next Sunday. So it’s understandable that fans have disappointment with Macklin Celebrini heading to San Jose. The Hawks were right there to the end.

Yet they stayed even and snagged another top two pick–which is a victory for Davidson.

“We’re really excited about how things ended up tonight,” Davidson told the media following the results of the NHL Draft Lottery.  “It wasn’t #1, but for us, the way we see this draft and what we’re able to acquire at the draft in June, #2 is a very big win. We’re really excited.”

Kyle Davidson on the #2 Pick: ‘Huge To Pick That High in the Draft’

There are a swath of options and directions for the Blackhawks to go with, but there’s no underestimating hte opportunity presented with the second overall pick.

“It’s massive. It’s huge to pick that high in the draft. There’s pain that goes into ending up at that point, but as we sit here now at #2 overall, there’s going to be a huge reward. We’re really excited about the player that we’re going to get. It’s going to be a foundational piece. It’s going to come in and hopefully add to the core of what we’ve already established here.”

That word, foundational, adding to others they’ve drafted, developed, and even have already in the NHL. Connor Bedard, Alex Vlasic, Philipp Kurashev and Kevin Korchinski are there. Frank Nazar is likely trending that way as he gets more time in the pros. Don’t forget about others in waiting like Ethan Del Mastro, who turned some heads this season. Nick Lardis and Gavin Hayes are working their way to Chicago, too.

So yes, that second overall pick has the potential to fortify a young Blackhawks core for years to come. They’ll have to see Celebrini three times a season with the Sharks. Now the focus shifts to what the Blackhawks do at number two–and then how that player develops from there.

“I can’t wait to dig in with our amateur staff next week to start the process of getting that board finalized or on the road to being finalized,” Davidson said.  “Glad to know where we’re picking finally. It’s always so much speculation all the way. To be at #2 and kinda stick and hold our spot, I’m really happy.”

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