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Macklin Celebrini Tops Craig Button’s List–But Some Risers Should Intrigue Blackhawks Fans



TSN’s Craig Button released his newest prospect rankings–which looks sees Macklin Celebrini as far and away the best player on the list. But it’s a new number two and it’s also some other names–amongst the risers–who may very well be of some interest to a Blackhawks team likely picking in the top five.

The Blackhawks currently sit second in the lottery standings, good enough for 13.5% chance at snagging Celebrini at the top spot. Unless they go undefeated, the Hawks stand to pick somewhere in the top five, which will add more to a pipeline overflowing with young talent.

Here’s a bit more on Button’s list–and whether they’ll be on the Blackhawks short list.

Obviously Macklin Celebrini at One–But What About The Other Spots?

Following Celebrini, Button fleshed out the top five with:

Following a franchise forward at number one and potentially another at two, Button has all defensemen three through five. CHN profiled Levshunov, who would be an absolute beast on a line with one of the many Blackhawks defensemen likely to be in Chicago over the next couple of seasons.

Demidov is under contract in Russia–so would the Hawks be willing to wait on that for another season? He also listed two other players CHN wrote about already–Cole Eiserman and Cayden Lindstrom– at eighth and ninth respectively.

Button believes that Eiserman is the best pure scorer in the draft–a very intriguing pick but his speed isn’t yet in line with what the Blackhawks brass values. Lindstrom, on the other hand, is a big body with speed, high hockey IQ, and the leadership piece that has been a hallmark of several of the players they’ve selected.

But if they’re sliding–would the Blackhawks even consider them? The defenseman angle is an intriguing one because snagging another major pillar on the blue line would set Chicago up nicely for years to come. Already, they have Kevin Korchinski, and Alex Vlasic holding down the fort. Both Connor Murphy and Seth Jones are there to provide the veteran leadership and skill to go with it. Wyatt Kaiser, Nolan Allan, and Ethan Del Mastro are likely to make their way to full time status, too. Sam Rinzel, Taige Harding, and Connor Kelley are also waiting in the pipeline, too.

Right there are seven names–buying time for another young defenseman to ease his way in and solidify a young core of blue liners.

One super intriguing name: Parekh. His offensive instincts–and production–are off the charts in the OHL and wouldn’t you know it, he’s a right hand shot.

Educated guesses are best left to when the draft gets nearer and postseason games are in the books. But it’s showing again that the Blackhawks won’t be short of any talent if they’re not the ones taking Macklin Celebrini first overall.

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