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Final Mock Drafts: Analysts Collective Picks for the Blackhawks



C’mon, we all know who the Chicago Blackhawks are taking at number one. But from there, mock drafts disagree on where they’re going at #19. Some have defensemen. Others centers. Your humble writer took a left wing with the 19th pick.

Now I’ve seen him going as high as #5. Of course, every Mock Draft is impacted by how the other teams hypothetically pick but some names obviously stay in the same spot.

Here’s a look at how it how I picked against the rest of the experts when I took Colby Barlow with the 19th pick in the National Hockey Network’s Writer’s Mock Draft.

ESPN’s Kevin Weekes: Took Oliver Moore for the Blackhawks at #19
Where did Barlow go? 5th overall to Montreal

Weekes goes center for the Blackhawks, where in other drafts Moore has gone in the top ten. This would add some more depth in an already crowded pool of centers but along with defensemen, you can never have enough centers.  Took Gabe Perreault (Kimelman) and Brayden Yager (Morreale) at #19
Where did Barlow go? #18 to Ottawa (Morreale) and #12 to Arizona (Kimelman)

An interesting look as both NHL writers had differing views with who Chicago would take. I would have taken Perreault as well had he been available at #19, to to which I also believe he won’t make it to the Blackhawks. Yager would be another center in the system.

Smaht Scouting: Took Riley Heidt at #19
Where did Barlow go? #32 to Vegas

One of the first times my pick looks like a major reach. Riley Heidt has been mid round to late round in most mock drafts. But Barlow going to Vegas with the last pick of the draft? Even that one caught me off guard, and I believe he’s NHL ready, if at least for nine games before he’d get the contract slide for being sent back to Owen Sound.

Flo Hockey: Took Daniil But at #19
Where did Barlow go? #18 to Winnipeg

Both make sense–as Barlow goes a pick before the Blackhawks, but its’ the 6’5 But who ends up in Chicago. This isn’t a bad thing, either. But played in the KHL with two goals in 15 games. He was a point-per-game player in the junior version, with 15 goals in 26 games. He’s been ranged everywhere so it’s not surprising to see him here. Like Barlow, he’d fill a major need.

Yahoo Sports: Took Riley Heidt at #19
Where did Barlow go? #17 to Detroit

It’s Heidt again, with the explanation that you can never enough offense. I don’t disagree with this assessment and while it’s likely a best player available mentality, taking another center after Bedard just doesn’t seem like it’ll be the plan. Barlow goes to Detroit, which would only be surprising because general manager Steve Yzerman has taken overseas players more than any other program–sans Sebastian Cossa with the 15th pick in 2021.

Sportsnet: Took Gabe Perreault at #19
Where did Barlow go? #13 to Buffalo

I wrote about it in my article about Barlow that I had Perreault ranked higher than him. Not an easy choice, but Perreault is versatile on both wings but also has a release and shot that will likely make him a 40-goal scorer if it all works out right. If Barlow indeed would go as high as he does here, Chicago still makes out like bandits with Perreault.

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