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Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks Puckdoku Profiles: Three Players from the 80’s



You’re going to know at least one of these Chicago Blackhawks because when one looks back, the 80’s teams were stacked. They just ran into some damn good teams from Edmonton, and Minnesota. Regardless, the 80’s teams made it to the Conference Finals five times, one that crept into the 1990 season as well. It wasn’t until 1991-92 that they would finally get into the Stanley Cup Final. With that, it’s time for the 80’s players who can help with a multitude of teams in Puckdoku.

Regardless, here are some names from that era that are not only a blast from the past but also well traveled to help with the game and to boost your points in Puckdoku.

Defenseman – Marc Bergevin

Yep, that Marc Bergevin. It sure seemed by the end of his career that he’d played for almost every single NHL team. Wait until the roll call at the end. But he played nearly 1200 games (1191) and had 181 points (36-145) in those contests. A third-round pick for the Blackhawks, he spent five seasons with Chicago before going to the New York Islanders.

Now for the major Puckdoku hits that would actually work in a variety of ways on that matrix–Bergevin racks up seven teams aside from the Blackhawks.

Blackhawks 1984 – 1989; New York Islanders; Hartford Whalers*; Tampa Bay Lightning; Detroit Red Wings ; St. Louis Blues; Pittsburgh Penguins ; Vancouver Canucks 

Total Teams: 7

*This would also work for the Carolina Hurricanes since they absorbed Hartford’s records and statistics

Forward – Eddie Olczyk

It was 18-year-old Edzo, who made his rookie debut in 1984-85, the same season as Bergevin. This happy human potted 20 goals that year but it wouldn’t be until he was traded to Toronto that he would see his career high of 42. Olczyk would begin and end his career in Chicago–but have some stops along the way that would see a Stanley Cup in New York. You might also remember him from the booth.

Blackhawks 1984-87; 1998-2000; Toronto Maple Leafs Winnipeg Jets**; New York Rangers Los Angeles Kings ; Pittsburgh Penguins 

Total Teams Excluding Chicago: 5

** – This would also work as the Arizona Coyotes franchise

Goalie – Bob Sauvé

Sauvé was Buffalo’s first-round pick in 1975. He spent six seasons there before spending half a season with Detroit (during the Dead Wings era) and realizing it was time to head back to the Sabres via free agency. He spent the 1985-86, and 86-87 seasons with Chicago before playing his final two years with the New Jersey Devils. Not as well traveled as the other guys but I pulled his hockey card from the first pack I ever bought in 1987. Included in it? Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios, Wayne Gretzky, and Mario Lemieux.

Not bad.

Buffalo SabresBlackhawks 1985 – 1987; New Jersey Devils

Total Teams Excluding Chicago: 2

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