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The Daily: On Blackhawks Jersey Retirements, and Chicago Pizza



The Chicago Blackhawks are retiring jerseys and not everyone is in agreement on whether it’s the right way to go with things. Between debating Brent Seabrook vs Chris Chelios to whether Chelios even should be having it retired, there’s been a course of differing opinion.

Meanwhile, a former member of the Detroit Red Wings Russian Five doesn’t see the Russian Five being the force it once was. Alex Chiasson is betting on himself as he takes his show to the Boston Bruins. The Colorado Avalanche hired a new face. Speaking of history, where does Sidney Crosby fall with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the league?

Dan Kingerski tackled pizza questions in that Crosby piece as well and opined on Detroit, Chicago, and New York styles. Bias here as three quarters of my life was spent chowing down on Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, and Giordano’s. Want some more? Try Pizza Boy, a great little spot in Edison Park. Villa Napoli’s is a family favorite and don’t forget about Vito and Nick’s, which has been loved by the big boys nationally.

I know a thing or two about Detroit Deep Dish, and Jet’s doesn’t count. Buddy’s is the only way to go, and any native Michigander from Metro Detroit would agree.

New York style? Fuhgeddaboudit, Dan! Chicago is the only way to go. Sounds like you were taken to the wrong place out here. Even Connor Bedard knows where the best pies are at.

Visit again, and I know plenty of places that would change your mind quickly. And if it’s still not good enough, we’ll go to Gene and Jude’s.

Just no ketchup allowed.

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