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Blackhawks Wrap: Sweet Home Chicago



After crisscrossing the United States, and Canada, the Chicago Blackhawks finally made it home to officially welcome the 2023-24 regular season on United Center ice.

It also revealed a truth for many fans at the game and those watching from afar–the Madhouse, for at least a night, had returned. For Blackhawks fans, the earsplitting noise following months of buildup since Chicago won the draft lottery culminated with Connor Bedard opening the scoring in the game.

As many pointed out, it was the loudest it had been in some time. Though the outcome wasn’t the desired one, the Blackhawks falling to Vegas 5-3, it was the reaction after Bedard’s goal that was the exclamation point. It reminded many, whether they were partisan or not, just how loud that roar is and it will once again be.

The Chicago sports scene has been devoid of a winner for some time. Some successes have peeked their way through–but it’s been quick but not without the sting that accompanies a playoff berth only to see it vanquished quickly.

Think about it: name the last team to play in a championship series or game, of the “big four” sports. You’d have to go all the way back to 2016 when the Cubs ended their century plus long drought.

The Blackhawks were champs a year earlier. And in 2013 along with 2010. The White Sox in 2005. The Bulls in what felt like the entire decade of the 90’s.

For a big market city, it’s been an eternity of watching a lot of bad teams. It’s dulled the senses to the point that getting close to .500 for some teams is considered a win.

Saturday’s game showed that the roar, though a bit under the weather, is very much still there. It also revealed just how badly this city wants to cheer for something, anything, that holds sustainable success.

The Blackhawks are one of the surest bets the city has–and it’s only a matter of time that the iconic phrase Sweet Home Chicago becomes synonymous once again for a city of champions.

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