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Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks Wrap: A Week’s Difference



Last week at this time, the Chicago Blackhawks were coming off of a pair of losses that saw them score three goals cumulatively. They would be shut out again on Tuesday by the Boston Bruins, sending them into a three-game losing streak and their first real gut check of the season.

It was answered in a come-from-behind victory on Friday, beating the defending champ Vegas Golden Knights and knocking them off their undefeated perch.

The season will be one of ups and downs–and the young Hawks will certainly have moments of growing pains. But in just a week, a game like they had against Vegas certainly make things looking up as they faceoff against Arizona tonight.

The Coyotes will be a good test–a team on the rise and a division rival to boot. The Blackhawks have faced one contender after another for over a week.

One thing is for sure heading into this week: it’s certainly a different feeling.

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