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Editor’s Choice: Calendar Turns As Lessons Abound



The hardest part of a rebuild is enduring the losing that is commonplace. Everyone watching closely knows that the game after a blowout goes one of two ways–an answer game or one that extends some of the misery longer. The hard part for the Blackhawks? They don’t get much of a break in the schedule.

The hard part is that Arizona was supposed to be the first kinda-sorta break from seeing the NHL’s best and brightest. Keeping it close with others and then upsetting Vegas with a comeback?

Now, however it’s sliced is semantics at this point. The realistic take is that a rebuild is just that–up one moment before it’s slapped back to reality.

This weekend doesn’t offer much relief, but they do get a few days to collect themselves before going back into the fire.

Blackhawks Schedule A Good Test For the Future

As is stands, the first team with a losing record is Nashville, which is still a good two weeks away. Much can change–in both regards. But every team outside of Columbus and Nashville that they play is in a winning position until the end of November–the unofficial marker of playoff contention at the Thanksgiving holiday.

But like the players who have spoken to it, so will I. The schedule is tough, yes. But it’s how it should be. The old Aerosmith anthem Dream On speaks to how you got to lose to know how to win. 

Correct. It will be brutal at times–Monday as an example–but with every win or loss it serves as another lesson as to where the Blackhawks want to be.

Of course, they must build properly around Connor Bedard and the other young talent. Development must continue both in Chicago and Rockford with the young players.

But the losing, though at times like sandpaper on the skin, will subside as they get stronger both on the ice and on the depth chart.

That’s the easiest part to watch for as the future unfolds. Growth and development–regardless of who is on the schedule.

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