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Blackhawks 2024 NHL Draft Analysis: Trio of Options



November is when attention starts to turn to the new crop of draft prospects. With leagues around the world having a good handful of games under their belt, and the NHL over 10 games in, things are beginning to shift and shape in a way where teams are readying for their chance at winning the lottery.

The San Jose Sharks certainly have a head start on netting the 25% chance at winning the Lottery. The Blackhawks are also in top five positioning.

The 2024 NHL Draft Analysis pieces will appear weekly until the draft takes place. Here’s just a brief look at things before we really start diving in in the coming weeks and months.

Blackhawks Lottery Standing

The Blackhawks currently sit third in lottery standings–which of course was quite the lucky charm when they were able to grab Connor Bedard thanks to some lottery luck.  The team ahead of them right now–the Edmonton Oilers who are on a disastrous path right now. Right behind them to round out the Pacific Division Lottery hat trick is Calgary.

Edmonton will likely improve as the season continues. Calgary and San Jose? Probably not. The Blackhawks have played strong despite a tough schedule and also with a roster that is meant to be competitive but not too competitive.

Top Three Prospects By Analyst

So since they’re sitting top three, here’s a look at those three that could be considered.

  • TSN’s Bob McKenzie’s has Mack Celebrini (C), Cole Eiserman (LW), and Ivan Demidov (RW).
  • The Athletic’s Scott Wheeler has the same top two but throws in Michigan State defenseman Artyom Levshunov at the third spot. Demidov is at fourth.

The interesting thing is if the Hawks can grab a top three spot in the 2024 NHL Draft, they’re suddenly adding more skilled pieces that will likely rid them of the rebuild for sure within another season.

If they luck out to get the top pick, Celebrini solidifies them down the middle with Bedard for a decade. Either Eiserman or Demidov would potentially slot in as top line wings–which again–would cut that rebuild quickly.

Of course, it all has to fall right and there’s more far more in terms of prospects and the rest of the season to still run.

But it’s never too early to look what could be and the 2024 NHL Draft is shaping up to have another bunch of talented players to bring into the fold.

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