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A Connor Bedard Boost for Blackhawks Fans on All Star Weekend



No, he won’t play in the actual contest, but Connor Bedard dashed that familiar smile and love of hockey for fans in Toronto Friday night.

There was his message to Blackhawks fans via X:

It’s a welcomed sight for Blackhawks fans, who haven’t seen the phenom in any sort of game action since he suffered the fractured jaw back on December 29 against New Jersey.

Though he’s been back on practice ice, there’s been a hesitancy–and rightly so–by the Blackhawks brass and teammates to push things knowing that Bedard would go back to full speed.

He was in Toronto for various reasons, whether accepting awards, or participating in the one-timer competition where he fed Nathan MacKinnon the puck. He’d also pass off to the Boston Bruins David Pastrnak and the New York Islanders Mat Barzal.

Which of course, led to some humor online.

McIndoe is one of the finest in blending humor into the written word, and it’s certainly been a trying season for the 14-34-2 Blackhawks. But nothing helps break that challenge than seeing Bedard get his all-star time, even though it was in a limited fashion.

Connor Bedard Will Be Back Soon

Bedard will be returning in a few weeks, and with the Blackhawks not sending another representative to the All-Star festivities, it appeared the fun way that he’d be back on the ice.

Written here before, the NHL needs to be better about showcasing its stars and building out the sport. Bedard has the chance to be that guy as his personality and skillset is the perfect combination to build some great press for the league.

He also happens to be playing in one of the biggest markets in the league, which can only enhance that profile more.

Tonight was a look at what will likely be many more All Star Weekend appearances with Bedard. It was a good moment for him, Blackhawks fans, and the league.

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