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Can Connor Bedard Catch Patrick Kane In Rookie Points With 11 Games Left?



Connor Bedard is chasing down a number of Chicago Blackhawks icons as the season winds down to its final 11 games. He currently sits seventh on the all-time rookie list in points, with 55 (21-34) in 57 games. Besides being close to a point-per-game in what has been a tough season for the Blackhawks, Bedard’s totals would be obviously higher if he’d played a full 82 games. Even so, he wouldn’t have likely caught some of the names at the top which includes Steve Larmer who had 90 points (43-47) back in 1982-83.

Here’s a look at how things could shape up with 11 games to go.

Darryl Sutter, Jeremy Roenick Within Range

With 12 points (4-8) in his last seven games, the pace certainly makes it where a few notable names could be caught in the process. Darryl Sutter sits closest, with 62 points (40-22), good for sixth all time amongst Blackhawks rookies in points. Next is Jeremy Roenick, who clocked in with 66 points (26-40) back in the 1989-90 season. In terms of finding similar comparisons, this might be the most appropriate. Bedard is just five goals off of the goal total while being just six assists short of Roenick’s mark. Based on his season pace, Roenick’s numbers may be the best prediction in terms of where he’ll end up.

However, if he continues at the same pace he’s had over the last seven games, things look a bit different.

Can Connor Bedard Potentially Catch Patrick Kane’s 72 Points?

With a point-per-game pace of 1.71, it’s not unthinkable that he could replicate the feat. Bedard exploded for eight points in two games, with a five point performance that tied him for the Blackhawks rookie record for most points in a single game.

If he indeed maintains that pace, catching Patrick Kane, who had 72 points in his rookie campaign, is certainly doable. But this would again mean he would need a couple big games with multiple points. The harder part here is that the schedule is not as friendly when it comes to some of the opponents they’ll face over those next 11 games.

Denis Savard is next with 75 points but even with putting up his current pace, Bedard would come up a point shy of tying it.

Bedard’s production has been on a roster that has often relied heavily on him to provide offense. Regardless of how it ends, what Bedard has done is impressive in and of itself and only rachets up excitement for what can be when the roster talent provides a bit more in terms of offensive output.

The next 11 games provide another storyline for fans to track as the season winds down.

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