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Column: Stop With the Ridiculous Bedard Trade Narratives



It’s absolutely ridiculous at this point to think they’ll trade it. The Chicago Blackhawks, who won the 2023 Draft Lottery, are going to take Connor Bedard.

End of story.

The ludicrous, non-sensical narratives where the Blackhawks will take an entire boatload of draft picks for their first overall pick defies logic.

In short, it’s disingenuous. It’s simply not going to happen.

Blackhawks Are Not Trading the Top Pick

Take a look at the NHL Combine and see exactly what the Chicago Blackhawks are getting. This isn’t the EA NHL series, where a trade can be made to snag the top overall pick. Hell, they’ve changed the logic where unless you give up consecutive first-round picks, you’re not getting that top pick in the current draft. There have been numerous “reports” that the Blackhawks are entertaining a whole host of picks to obtain the top overall pick.

The Chicago Blackhawks have a chance to escape a long, brutal rebuild by taking Connor Bedard. For any reader who has been reading the Rebuild Reports, it’s brutal trying to build a team through the draft. It’s unbelievable if impact players come out of one draft, let alone multiple players being included in one.

So why, when the Blackhawks clearly have a generational, once in a lifetime talent at their fingertips, would they be willing to deal that pick for an entire slate of first through seventh round?

It’s hogwash. Bunk. An even stronger expletive that best defines it. For sure, they’ll take calls and absolutely listen–as they would with any deal. But it’ll be a quick “thanks” and then moving on to June 28th when they will select him.

Bedard is the Real Deal

It’s laughable because Bedard has shown just how valuable he is. Is it the stats or his maturity? Or perhaps the way his peers or directors of scouting have described him.


So the rumors or nonsense circulating that the Blackhawks are listening in on full package deals are absolutely stupid. The only player in the league where there might be a possibility of a deal is if the Edmonton Oilers offer Connor McDavid and bonus material for that first overall pick.

It’s not happening. Neither are the hypothetical deals miraculously acquiring Chicago’s top pick.

Connor Bedard will be going to the Chicago Blackhawks with the first overall pick. If by some bizarre chance general manager Kyle Davidson decides to make a trade, well, then, there’s a damn good reason.

But until then, the disingenuous rumors need to end. Bedard is a Blackhawk. It’ll be fully confirmed in just over two weeks.

Any other reports or speculation are simply insulting your intelligence.