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The Daily: NHL 24 Builds On Hockey’s Pressure with New Feature



The NHL 24 features videos are finding their way to social media, highlighting what is supposed to be a major jump year for the series.

Cynical gamers will point to a decade of titles that promised to deliver but ended up disappointing in the end. The newest iteration is trying to capture the spirit of hockey and make the game’s replay value higher, along with getting as close to much of the random aspects of hockey as possible.

It’s also an attempt at rewarding those who use sound hockey strategy.

With that, an introduction to the Sustained Pressure feature in NHL 24. According to the latest video, the sustained pressure feature gives players the chance to take advantage of a tired defense and goalie, similar to momentum swings in the actual game.

It could be something that adds a little bit of authentic excitement to the game, allowing for players to strategize on whether to clear the puck if pinned or try to carry it out of the zone.

All the while knowing they desperately need a line change. On paper it sounds great. It’ll be interesting to hear the verdict when it’s live in October.

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