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Blackhawks fans likely echoing Bedard: ‘Damn, Like This is Pretty Cool’



At this point, what more can be asked to Chicago Blackhawks forward Connor Bedard that hasn’t already been answered? After the Blackhawks posted Bedard’s press conference Thursday, there were a couple that made him think.

One especially on how surreal it’s all been.

“Like when you’re actually playing, doing things, you wanna be good and compete,” Bedard said. “So that’s not really surreal. But sometimes you kinda go home or after practice and you’re like, ‘damn, like this is pretty cool.'”

It’s been pretty surreal for Blackhawks fans, too. But now that surreal feeling will make away for the reality that the season is just about ready to roll.

 Starts with the Showcase, then the Blackhawks Preseason

It all began winning the lottery, morphed into Bedard walking across the stage when his name was called by Kyle Davidson. His entry-level deal signed on his birthday and now it’s him taking the ice in what many hope is the start of his generational status.

Bedard’s playing time in the Showcase remains to be seen, but it’s at least opening the first chapter of what Blackhawk fans believe to be a new renaissance in the organization’s history.

The initial questions of how it all feels and those of expectations will melt into the to-and-fro of regular season games. The season will be a long one, and it’s not likely that the Blackhawks will see a miraculous jump.

But beyond Bedard, there are a number of players who could be very good for the Blackhawks this season. That’ where more of the excitement lies, too.

But like Bedard could only say with a smile, Blackhawks fans have to be thinking how cool it all is.

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