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Editor’s Choice: No Captain is a No Brainer for the Blackhawks



When Jonathan Toews was named the Blackhawks’ team captain in 2008, it was the words of a then recently retired former Detroit Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman who foreshadowed things. ESPN had this article way back in ’08 that specifically compared Yzerman to Toews, with the former talking about the latter. His thoughts on the then 20-year-old Toews being named captain:

“I have no doubts that he’ll be fine,” Yzerman told then ESPN reporter Scott Burnside. “… John’s a really mature young guy. It’s kind of a natural evolution for him to be a leader.”

One long-time, hall-of-fame captain complimenting another. Don’t forget it was former Blackhawks captain Denis Savard who made sure the C was on Toews’s sweater.

There was no doubt then–which is why it made perfect sense.

Blackhawks Captain is Already on the Roster–Barring a Disaster

So how do you say it without saying it? Everyone in the organization knows who that C is waiting for–just like they knew exactly who the Hawks were taking first overall in 2023. Everything has to work out exactly right, but in the case of Connor Bedard, you don’t want to completely count your chickens before they hatch. Even though Saturday’s rookie showcase seemed like a pretty good indicator of what they have.

And the Blackhawks aren’t being chickens, either, for going with three alternates. This isn’t to besmirch any of the leaders in that locker room. Seth Jones and Connor Murphy are stand-up guys, both who would absolutely be deserving to wear that letter. Nick Foligno wore it in Columbus. Corey Perry and Taylor Hall are good voices to have in that locker room, too.

But again, it seems all but predestined for Bedard. And why lead to cognitive dissonance down the road should you name a captain now, and Bedard is ready to wear that C as soon as next season?

Yes, you read it right. If he is exactly the type of player everyone thinks he is, the Blackhawks will be hard pressed to not make the unofficial official. Hell, Toews played a single season in Chicago before he was given the C.  Sidney Crosby. who initially balked at it, would have been given the C in just a season-and-a-half.

The writing is on the wall.

That capital C won’t just be in his first name. It’ll be sewn onto the front of his sweater, too.

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