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Kyle Davidson Reiterates the Plan As Training Camp Begins



Chicago Blackhawks General Manager Kyle Davidson has said all along they’ll do what’s best for the organization. If it means burning the first year of an entry-level deal instead of letting it slide, they’ll do it. Perhaps they’ll sign a player or two if it works into the long term goal. Signing veterans to higher numbers but short term?

Also part of the plan.

“From an organizational standpoint we continue to build this as a team,” Davidson said during his press conference Tuesday. “[We’re] not looking forward to any one player or prospect as a solution. Looking forward to continuing our development this year and filtering in some younger players into the NHL roster this year.”

In other words, he’s sticking to his plan.

Blackhawks Roster Morphing More into Davidson’s Blueprint

It’s not designed to win a Stanley Cup–yet. But the short-term deals that ice a team while still providing competitiveness allows for the Blackhawks to have financial flexibility when it really matters. Connor Bedard will cost a pretty penny once his deal is up in three years–but who’s counting?

It’s the other players–the other prospects in the system or those he’ll acquire later that will put the rest of the puzzle together. It’s not going to be pretty at times this season, but it will be better than last.

At the very least, maybe because the direction is even more clear.

“We think training camp will be very exciting,” Davidson said. “A lot of jobs up for grabs, a lot of players to battle out for them and try to earn a spot on the opening day roster. We’ll have a good mix of youth and veterans so it’ll be really important for our development to have those two come together as we enter the season.”

Better, but not designed to be the best and a shot at one more pull in the draft lottery.

Yes, Davidson is following the blueprint he’s set out from the beginning–acquiring fast, and high IQ players who will drag the Blackhawks out of what looked like a brutal rebuild.

Bedard gives it a little bit of a charge. But the others following need to be what they’re advertised as, too.

The Blackhawks have plenty of time to figure things out–this is still the simpler part of the rebuild phase. Expectations are more for developing the talent for the future–when the expectations will be sky high.

For now, it’s all about measuring incremental progress. That’s something Blackhawks fans can enjoy watching as the team Kyle Davidson is building grows up right before their eyes.

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