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Blackhawks Daily: The Colorado Side of the Blackhawks 4-0 Loss



From the Chicago side of things, the Blackhawks certainly didn’t react like their fans would have wanted. They looked tired, and uncharacteristically behind the high flying Colorado Avalanche. But as you’ll read at CHN, this tough lesson is all about the process and what the Blackhawks need to learn as they try to climb out of a rebuild.

But what about from the Colorado side of things? A 4-0 start that certainly has the 2022 Stanley Cup champions buzzing with anticipation and they certainly taught Connor Bedard and company a thing or two of what the start of a rebuild feels like–and how it evolves into what the Avs have become.

More on Colorado Hockey Now’s Evan Rawal’s take on the other side of the ice.

Fear not Blackhawks fans. As you’ll read in the AM analysis if you haven’t already, this is what happens. The highs and lows of a rebuild pull fans back and forth like an epic tug-of-war match in an elementary gym somewhere. One minute they look great–the next they’re digging out of a 4-0 hole and coming home after a five-game road trip.

This too shall pass. But Blackhawks fans will see their fair share of it this season as the rookies figure things out.

Blackhawks In Case You Missed It

  • The Colorado Avalanche absolutely take it to the Blackhawks in a 4-0 win
  • AM Analysis realizes that the lessons learned against the Avalanche will help the Blackhawks become that team someday down the road–especially since the construction looks to be similar.
  • The Blackhawks young core is doing exactly what the front office hoped it would

Colorado Hockey Now Coverage

  • Home sweet home gives the Avalanche the upper hand in their 4-0 domination of the Blackhawks
  • The line changes made that helped the Avalanche attack certainly gave the Blackhawks fits
  • A total team effort shut down Bedard. An in-depth look as to how the Avalanche did it

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