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Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks AM Analysis: A Sobering Rebuild Reminder



When a team goes through a schedule gauntlet like the Chicago Blackhawks have, you figure that a game arrives where there’s a good chance that things are a bit easier.

Sometimes, though, it goes the other way. The rebuild reminder reared its ugly head Monday night after the Arizona Coyotes pounded the Blackhawks with seven unanswered goals en route to an 8-1 victory. The Coyotes are a step ahead of the Blackhawks in the rebuild department–but its felt like Arizona has been in a permanent one for some time.

Monday would have made the casual hockey fan think that the Coyotes are lightyears ahead.

But for every thrilling comeback win against a Vegas, there’s a clunker like Monday’s against Arizona.

That’s a rebuild for you.

Make it a Mantra: The Blackhawks are Still in a Rebuild

This is what happens. Just when you think a corner has been turned–whack–right into the wall. Now there’s a number of theories as to why it could have gone the way it did. Perhaps the ease of the first goal had them let up. Maybe they were more fatigued after the difficulty of the schedule they’ve had so far.

Or did they let up a bit because it was Arizona, another fellow rebuilding squad? Whatever it was–the Coyotes just kept going until there was no doubt as to who was skating away with the victory. The Coyotes have taken their fair share of beatings over the years, but it was Arizona doling out the lessons Monday night.

So what’s the big takeaway? The rebuild is exactly what was expected when the season started. It’s also what’s going to be expected. Go look at what other organizations have gone through and these types of games are unfortunately part of the process.

They’re cruel reminders that losing–more than-winning- is still the norm. Yes, it’s exciting to have Connor Bedard and Kevin Korchinski in the fold but it’s building for that future with the building blocks setting the foundation.

That foundation weathers storms as the rest is being built–and the Blackhawks are no different here.

Nope, it doesn’t make the outcome any easier to digest. It certainly makes for the season to be longer.

But if indeed the Blackhawks are headed to bigger and better things, it’ll make the victory lap all the more sweeter.

For now, make it a stronger coffee this morning.