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Blackhawks Opinion: Real Winner of All-Star Weekend? Olympic Hockey



Yes, Blackhawks fans got to see an abbreviated version of Connor Bedard playing on All-Star weekend–albeit in a one-timer competition.

Passing the puck. It cured the itch of not seeing him for some time.

But what didn’t get past anyone is that the NHL will be sending its players back to the Olympics, a long awaited announcement that will allow for the best in the world to compete against each other for Olympic Gold.

And a chance to see the US potentially get its first Gold since the Miracle on Ice back in 1980.

2026, 2030 Will See Blackhawks on the World Stage

My love for hockey was born out of Olympic hockey, the story told to me that my mother had to be calmed repeatedly during the epic Miracle on Ice that saw the United States topple the mighty Soviet Union in 1980. She was pregnant with me at the time–hence my father’s plea that she calm down.

Years later, he’d have not one but two hockey crazed sons. Once the Olympics allowed NHL’ers in, it also gave fans a chance to openly root for the players they would curse season after season. It’s the beauty of Olympic Hockey–the world sets aside its league bias for its nationalistic one.

Bedard will be on the Canadian squad, but the American team could be an all-timer not only in 2026, but 2030, too. The Blackhawks have their fair share of those who represent the Red, White, and Blue, and certainly those who are fresh of a Gold Medal win from the World Juniors.

Normally, February is reserved for winter’s final gasp, the groundhog seeing his shadow, and the Super Bowl closing out the NFL season.

In two years, it’ll once again have that added bonus of NHL stars playing for their home country–promising nationalistic rivalries and excitement that happens but once every four years.

From the Miracle on Ice, to the 2010 Gold Medal overtime classic between the US and Canada, along with TJ Oshie’s shootout performance in 2014, the announcement that Olympic hockey is back made the best news of a star studded All-Star weekend.

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