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Blackhawks Game #74: Determination Over Disappointment



The Chicago Blackhawks (21-47-5) faceoff against the Philadelphia Flyers (36-28-10) tonight in Philadelphia. Puck drop is set for 6pm.

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It was a lethargic effort for the Blackhawks, sans Petr Mrazek, who fell 2-0 to Ottawa. Chicago didn’t generate much of anything offensively.

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Scouting the Opponent, Storylines & Miscellaneous Musings

So much for the idea that the Blackhawks would hold their own. After wins over the lowly Sharks and a stifling win over the Calgary Flames, Chicago was listless on Thursday and if not for Petr Mrazek, the score is likely worse. So it’s back to the drawing board for a team that is closing in on the conclusion of the season.

But it got me to thinking, especially after Bleacher Nation’s Tab Bamford tweeted this out in the AM (it’s a good read, too).

Here’s where I go a bit different, though. Assuming that the Hawks notch a top three pick again, I’m looking to trade some of those other picks for guys that can help immediately. There will be an article in several parts on this–but simply put, the Blackhawks can’t afford another season like this. They’ve already gotten the biggest gift they could have in winning last year’s lottery.

Should they win it again, then I believe Kyle Davidson absolutely starts looking to get some guys via trade to complement his young stars. The Blackhawks pipeline is filled with talent, and while a team must be cognizant of always developing young players, at some point, there’s going to be a logjam.

But that’s an article for another day.

Tonight features a team fighting for its playoff life, currently sitting third in the division with the Washington Capitals nipping at its heels. So if the Hawks struggled with Ottawa, what will tonight look like? The Flyers are playing desperate hockey in a division, and conference, that has left little room for losing.

With nine games left, it’s guys fighting for roster spots and watching to see how much higher Connor Bedard rises on the rookie points list. But in the back of the hockey mind, it’s also thinking of ways that this scenario doesn’t repeat itself next season.

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