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Kyle Davidson on Drew Commesso in Rockford: ‘Ready to Make the Jump’



Drew Commesso patterns his regimen around that of an NHL star. But all he has to be, according to Chicago Blackhawks General Manager Kyle Davidson is his usual positive self.

“After a nice career at BU (Boston University), he was ready to make the jump,” Davidson said.  “Glad he felt the same in that, and so again, look for him to continue his positive strides here.”

After a sparkling career with the Terriers, the hope for both is that the momentum continues onto Rockford.

Commesso Will be Counted On

The 46th overall pick in 2020, Commesso was selected by former general manager Stan Bowman. So when Davidson took Adam Gajan with the 35th overall pick in this year’s draft, some eyebrows raised. But Gajan still has at least a couple years before he’ll be in Rockford as the Blackhawks plan on letting him take his time.

“His path is, he’ll go to Green Bay next year in the USHL and then he’ll go to Minnesota Duluth from there,” said Director of Amateur Scouting Mike Doneghey. “Then we’ll take it year by year. But the thought behind going to the USHL is he’ll play 55-60 games as a goalie and that’s really valuable.”

Commesso wouldn’t let that bother him anyway.

“It has no effect on me stopping the puck,” Commesso said. “Whether it’s during the season things happen or things that happen in the offseason, I’m really just focused on my game, train, and put myself in the best position.”

According to Team 33, an independent scouting firm that serves several NHL teams, Commesso is seen as the fourth best prospect in the Blackhawks system as well as an “athletic goalie with a good foundational game.”

Indeed, Commesso won’t flop and is unlikely to be out of position, playing a smooth post-to-post game that relies on technique and positioning. His save percentage in college never dropped below .913, which was only .002 lower than his career high in 23 less games.

Commesso assuredly is consistent.

What Will Davidson Be Looking For?

In short, a positive start to his professional career. Commesso will be one of many prospects entering the pro ranks, giving Rockford bench boss Anders Sorensen a new crop of players to mold in the hopes of making it to the big club.

Commesso, Davidson points out, has a challenging task in going from college to the AHL.

“It’s a big year for him coming out of college and jumping into the pro ranks,” Davidson said. “It’s a tough transition, but you know Drew’s got a great attitude, great work ethic and he’s going to put in every bit of work that he needs to to make that transition as seamless as possible.”

Commesso has spoken about the regimen he has in place so hard work shouldn’t be an issue. A stickler for routine, the 20-year-old netminder seems a step ahead in that regard.

“We’ll let the goalies figure out who’s going to make the team here, but in all likelihood he’ll probably start the year in Rockford,” Davidson said.  But we’ll let them figure that out, who slots where. I’m expecting a good positive year from him.”

The work ethic and strong play in college certainly speaks to Drew Commesso seeing similar returns as he adjusts his game for the professional level.