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Blackhawks Notebook: Philipp Kurashev and Arbitration



It went down to the day it was set and the arbitration hearing went on for the Chicago Blackhawks and Philipp Kurashev.

This case brings to mind the meeting of Kyle Calder who took his case to arbitration, was awarded $2.9M and then shipped off a handful of days later. They actually reacquired him at the 2007 trade deadline to only deal him away hours later to Detroit.

As the Athletic’s Scott Powers reported, Kurashev is looking for one-year with the $2.65M marker while Chicago is looking at a two-year deal and a $1.4M cap hit. That’s quite a difference. NBC Sports Chicago’s Charlie Roumeliotis also tweeted this out:

A Show-Me Season vs Some Term for Chicago

In 70 games this last season, Kurashev had 25 points (9-16) and has a chance to truly establish himself this season as the team begins to shift from an all out rebuild to moving past it.

To use Calder again, he was coming off of a career season where he potted 26 goals amidst 59 points. He, too, was on a rebuilding team but unlike Kurashev, had more eye-popping stats to work with.

Calder wouldn’t reach that mark again, and would be out of the NHL by the conclusion of the 2009-10 season. That’s not to say Kurashev is the same player or will have a similar fate professionally.

But as far as his career has gone thus far, a $2.65M marker for even a season might be a bit steep. Granted, the Blackhawks have rolled out above market deals for the likes of Nick Foligno, and Corey Perry. But it’s different circumstances with much different expectations.

It’s understandable that Kursahev wants to bet on himself. Who wouldn’t? With room in the books, too, it’s not off hand to think he could get close to the figure.

The Blackhawks roster is shaping out and Kursahev surely fits in. The walkaway number won’t happen, but it’ll be something the Blackhawks will likely match once the figure is determined. Of course, the cap space is aplenty.

It’ll be just where and for how much that Philipp Kurashev gets.