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Editor’s Choice: Blackhawks Will Contribute to a Fun Fall in Chicago

Block parties, barbecues, and great weather make us not want to see the summer end. But this Fall promises to have more excitement for Chicago fans than it has in some time.



Believe me I’m not wishing the summer along by any means. The fact that it’s not snowing is always a win, and the baseball trade deadline, which can be high levels of entertainment, is ahead. School is also still a few weeks away from resetting its calendar. But in Chicago which is watching another ho-hum baseball season from its White Sox and Cubs could very well have an exciting Fall to look forward to with not only an improved Bears squad, but the Chicago Blackhawks, too.

No, it won’t result in any championships and even the playoffs are a long shot for those teams beginning in the fall. But in what is the slower parts of the sports calendar during the year, Chicago fans can’t help but look ahead to what might be one of the more exciting autumns in the city for some time.

A Bears Town For Sure But the Blackhawks Will Play Their Part

The Bears are expected to make some noise, which already raises the preseason excitement levels before it can even begin.

The Bulls? Well no one really knows, and they’re giving a little too much of a GarPax vibe with some of the decisions made there. With the Blackhawks and although it’ll likely be another lottery pick in the 2024 Draft, it’ll be exciting for fans to see #98 skating around the ice.

Contrast it to last Fall when the Bears and Blackhawks were in an obvious tank from the get-go, having Chicago fans looking forward to whatever season would bring the most success next.

Baseball has been a disappointment, with the Cubs still in a rebuild and the Sox likely staring down some sort of rebuild after looking like a sure bet as a World Series contender–just two seasons ago. The Fall, while not ushering in championship calendar teams, promises some excitement for Chicago it hasn’t experienced in some time.

No Rush–But Enjoy the Excitement as it Builds

As block parties and carnivals take the Chicago summers into August, baseball fades into its final month as well. As football kicks off, hockey camps and preseason will start take over the sports spotlight in Chicago.

With a generational talent in Connor Bedard on the ice, and the Blackhawks likely to see some improvement on the ice, the fears of a hellish rebuild are in the past.

The Fall promises maybe to be the first–in a long while–for sports in the city to maybe turn a corner. So as the temperatures cool, and the leaves start their descent from the trees, it’s might signal the end of the summer.

But it may very well be the start of something fun for Chicago’s sports teams this Fall–especially the Blackhawks.

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