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Blackhawks Puckdoku Profiles: Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Veterans



Puckdoku featured the Blackhawks on Saturday and it hit some of the categories and teams that have been featured on here. Though full disclosure, I put Eddie Belfour with the Maple Leafs and Stars instead.

Today’s profiles look at those who racked up the PIMs while playing for Chicago and also happen to be well traveled to give Puckdoku fans the most bang for their buck.

Here’s a look at three players who weren’t afraid to the let the fists fly, and notched over 100 PIMs in season during their time with the Blackhawks

Stu Grimson
Blackhawks Career (1990-1993)

Ah, the Grim Reaper. I could never get over the fact that he and Bob Probert had some epic battles and then would switch sides in the mid 90’s. Grimson was originally drafted by Detroit, and was with the Blackhawks during the Stanley Cup runner up season in 1992-93. He racked up 193 PIMs that season but hilariously that isn’t even enough to crack the top 10 in the Blackhawks season record holders.

Other Teams: Detroit Red Wings, Anaheim Ducks, Calgary Flames, Carolina/Hartford, Los Angeles Kings, Nashville Predators

Mike Peluso
Blackhawks Career (1989-1992)

The all-time Blackhawks leader in most penalty minutes in a single season (408) belongs to Peluso. Dave Manson (our next profile) is a good 50 minutes behind him. Peluso’s fame would come later with New Jersey as a member of the Crash Line that would win a Stanley Cup in 1995. Unlike Grimson, Peluso’s numbers were a little more stellar, but when it came to the penalty box, no one could match him.

Other Teams: Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames

Dave Manson
Blackhawks Career (1986-1991; 1998-2000)

Drafted 10th overall by the Hawks in 1985, Manson was the more prolific scorer of the three profiled today and enjoyed the longest career of the three as well. While Peluso and Grimson were both forwards, it was Manson the defenseman with the better numbers. by the end of his career.

Beyond that, he’d return to Chicago after traveling a bit around the league and would finish out his 16-year career with the Dallas Stars in 2002.

Other Teams: Arizona/Winnipeg, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Dallas Stars, Toronto Maple Leafs

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