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Blackhawks Wrap: The Best is Yet To Come



As September begins this week, so too, does the dawning of a new season with camps, preseason, and then eventually the regular season taking shape. The Chicago Blackhawks, thankfully, will start rolling soon.

It’s been slow around the league with a few signings that have kept the news cycle rolling in what is the slowest time of the year for hockey.

CHN is no different, churning out a bit slower than usual but beginning this week, we’ll be taking a look at every team in the NHL, starting with the Central Division.

Until then, here’s a look at the past week and what you might have missed.

CHN Top 10

  1. Which Blackhawks could score 20 goals this season?
  2. Could William Nylander be the perfect fit in Chicago?
  3. Remember when Denis Savard was hired by the Chicago Blackhawks?
  4. USA Hockey is a favorite of mine. Imagine if there’s more international chances to see them–and the young Blackhawks who could one day be on that team
  5. Auston Matthews re-signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs keeps teams like the Blackhawks from having a chance to cash in on free agency–and speed up the rebuild even more
  6. Hasek or Roy? Who do you have as the greatest of all time?
  7. The Blackhawks Notebook looks at the good-bad-and-ugly that could be the 2023-24 season
  8. Don Cherry talks Jonathan Toews in the latest Blackhawks Notebook
  9. The top 20 defensemen in the league according to the NHL Network doesn’t include a single Blackhawk
  10. Who are the prospects that could end up in Chicago this season? A look here.

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